10 Common issues with Windows 11 and how to solve them

Despite the anticipation that was felt in the days leading up to the release of Windows 11, the software has not been perfect. Some would go so far as to say faulty and obstructive. In this article, we will cover ten of the most common complaints regarding the performance of Windows 11 and how to solve them.

Inability to Upgrade from Windows 10

When it comes to software updates, you might realize that your PC doesn’t align with the system requirements for Windows 11. In some cases, it has been found that some PCs, even those with all the correct system requirements, are not able to upgrade from Windows 10.

In such cases, it’s advised that any third-party security software be temporarily removed. This is because such software has the potential to read a false positive and prohibit the protected PC from updating. Disable or delete the software and commence with the update before you reactivate it.

Problems with Installing Features Updates

Select updates may not be able to take place, causing great inconvenience for PC functions across the board. While there’s a chance it’ll update down the line, this may not always happen and an alternative method is needed.

Should such errors occur, restart your PC to refresh the machine, or disable any third-party applications for a while to remove anything that may be causing obstruction.

Slow Performance of Windows 11

There are a number of reasons why your PC may be running slowly. This could pertain to a lack of storage space, third-party services, or the number of background programs that are running. In the case that Windows 11 begins falling behind, start disabling some of these programs and see if there’s any improvement. If that doesn’t work, go through your storage and remove any unused files.

Dysfunctional Display and Black Screens

Unless it’s solvable through a restart or a simple change in display settings, fixing the dreaded black screen might not be so easy for some. It may require a second display monitor to help you navigate through the problem.

It’s possible that the problem originates from an application, or in some scenarios malware. Should this be the case, try navigate to Task Manager and close any application that may be causing the problem. The shortcut to Task Manager is Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

There is a likelihood that the problem is hardware-based. Unplug any unneeded peripherals and connections before attempting to restart your device.

Sound Issues

There are a number of reasons as to why sound systems won’t function. While it’s more than likely a hardware problem, there’s always the chance it’s an internal problem. Before you make your way into Settings, make sure it is not program-specific (mute settings on YouTube/Zoom).

Check under Settings, then System, then Sound. Under Advanced Sound Settings, you’ll find access to audio input and output. Ensure that the Master volume is set to your primary speaker/headphones and ensure that the App Volume Output is set to Default. If this doesn’t work, you have the ability to reset to the recommended Microsoft settings.

Start Menu

Some issues have shown that the Start Menu may not always function as intended. Given the extensive use this tool provides for navigation, its absence may cause a significant problem for some.

Fortunately, this is an issue that is easy to solve. It can usually be fixed by updating your software or by simply restarting your computer.

File Explorer

There have been instances with Windows 11 where the File Explorer application has given issues, particularly in the aspect that it stops responding. This is generally an easy fix.

By using Task Manager, one can choose to either restart File Explorer or end the task for later use. Alternatively, a PC restart might also help.

If a different solution is needed, go into File Explorer’s settings. From here, select Open File Explorer and choose This PC. After this, clear your File Explorer history in the same tab and finish by pressing OK.

Disabling Automatic Updates

Windows 11 will install updates automatically. While this is a beneficial function to have, it can cause errors in some programs, especially in faulty updates. To prevent this from happening and to give third-party applications a chance to update, automatic updates can be delayed until a later point by changing your Windows Update status in Settings. Here you can also check for new updates if you’re ready to proceed.

Shutdown Issues

When a PC isn’t shutting down successfully, it’s due to an application that won’t close, even on command. In such scenarios, disabling the problem application on Task Manager is the safest method to avoid a forced shutdown.

If there isn’t an apparent problem, try restarting your PC first to reset any problematic systems.

Reduced Disk Space

You may have noticed that your total storage space has been reduced with the update to Windows 11. This may be because hard drives tend to keep the old installation files, taking up an enormous amount of space in some cases. Understandably, there may be some apprehension about removing these important files, but don’t hesitate to do so if you’re happy with the way Windows 11 runs.

You can delete these unneeded files by going into Settings. From there, navigate to System, then Storage, then Temporary Files. You may delete all of the selected folders, but don’t delete Downloads as you may lose files necessary to your PC’s system. Once you’ve chosen which files to delete, select Remove files.

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