Inspiration Session

Inspiration workshop – A clear and inspirational workshop for your employees around Microsoft 365.


See how Teams and Microsoft 365 can add value to your daily work. So your organization has changed the digital work environment. But why did you switch to Microsoft 365, what do you want to achieve?

That question is the basis for this inspiration session. In it, we reveal the true value and hidden gems of Microsoft 365, with specific tips and tricks focused on your employees’ activities. We spark their curiosity for what’s possible and what’s new – how can Microsoft 365 help do their work smarter and easier?

Sharing practical examples and discussing typical work situations helps employees understand the features for sharing information, in order to improve or simplify their work and tasks.

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To maximize the effectiveness of the Inspiration session we do a short intake, just so that we understand which apps and functionality we should focus on. We work with recognizable scenarios, preferably with realistic examples from the organization itself.

In one hour we show participants around in Microsoft 365. We don’t train skills here but show them how Microsoft 365 and Teams can help people collaborate and become more productive. The aim is to stimulate people to try and investigate on their own.

Proof of Concepts & Implementations

Terrific Tech provides a number of proof of concepts and implementations options to allow clients to explore the possibilities of using technology to benefit their businesses.