M365 Identity & Services

MS100T00AC: This course covers three central elements of Microsoft 365 enterprise administration – Microsoft 365 tenant and service management, Office 365 management, and Microsoft 365 identity management. In Microsoft 365 tenant and service management, you will examine all the key components that must be planned for when designing your Microsoft 365 tenant.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Secure identities with Azure Active Directory and users and groups.

  • Manage subscriptions, accounts, Azure policies, and Role Based Access Control.

  • Administer Azure using the Resource Manager, Azure portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI, and ARM templates.

  • Configure virtual networks including planning, IP addressing, Azure DNS, Network Security Groups, and Azure Firewall.

  • Configure intersite connectivity solutions like VNet Peering, virtual network gateways, and Site to Site VPN connections.

  • Manage network traffic using network routing and service endpoints, Azure load balancer, and Azure Application Gateway.

  • Implement, manage, and secure Azure storage accounts, blob storage, and Azure files with File Sync.

  • Plan, create, and scale virtual machines.

  • Administer Azure App Service, Azure Container Instances, and Kubernetes.

  • Backup files, folders, and virtual machines.

  • Monitor the Azure infrastructure with Azure Monitor, Azure alerts, Log Analytics, and Network Watcher.

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