TERRIFIC TECH’s Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) workshop series helps determine how a CASB can improve your security posture and protect your org from internal (shadow IT, UEBA. DLP) & external threats.


TERRIFIC TECH’s Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) Advisory engagement aligns Microsoft’s CASB solution with your security framework, compliance requirements and SaaS landscape, enabling a security posture that protects your organization from risks, and risky behavior.

The workshop series will consist of 8 half day workshops over 2 weeks, covering the following use cases:

Week 1 Agenda:

  • Perform a Zero Trust assessment
  • Introduction to Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Identify and Discover Shadow IT
  • Protect Your Information

Week 2 Agenda:

  • Detect and Prevent Threats
  • Monitor and Control in Real Time
  • Enabling controls
  • Design Guide review

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Each workshop will have an output that defines each use case’s objectives, priorities, as well as configuration details and policy definitions for an MCAS deployment that meets your business, technical and compliance requirements. All of the identified controls and technical requirements will be collected into a comprehensive MCAS Design Guide which serves as a detailed implementation plan to ensure your deployment is efficient and seamless.

TERRIFIC TECH also offers MCAS Implementation and Managed services, along with full Microsoft 365 security services to help you maximize your Microsoft 365 investment and security posture.

Proof of Concepts & Implementations

Terrific Tech provides a number of proof of concepts and implementations options to allow clients to explore the possibilities of using technology to benefit their businesses.