Endpoint Management

2-Week Implementation

Maintain control over your devices and the data stored on them to stay protected in a cloud-focused environment.


Keep your corporate data protected and enable central management of all of your devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Endpoint Management enables customers to manage their Windows 10 devices with cloud-based management tools. Terrific Tech works to configure Windows Autopilot, Intune, and Azure Active Directory to enable modern PC management and to empower the IT team to leverage these tools, as well as 90-days of advisory and management services to ensure success.

Discovery and Planning

Discovery of current Endpoint Management system and requirements

Test and Pilot

  • Test PC, iOS, and Android enrollment
  • Test Intune App Protection and configuration policies

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  • Create Windows Autopilot profile
  • Configure Intune auto-enrollment and enrollment restrictions
  • Configure Bitlocker encryption policy
  • Configure Defender Antivirus and Windows Security policies
  • Configure Windows Firewall policy
  • Configure Office 365 ProPlus deployment policy
  • Configure mobile device and app endpoint security

Knowledge Transfer & Adoption

  • Document new Windows PC provisioning process
  • Receive 90 days of Aegis Assist managed security services


  • Reduce impact to employee productivity
  • Mitigate malware threats
  • Prevent compromised user accounts
  • Develop a maturing security

Our team of experts are certified in Microsoft platform and cloud solutions including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows 10, and Azure.

Proof of Concepts & Implementations

Terrific Tech provides a number of proof of concepts and implementations options to allow clients to explore the possibilities of using technology to benefit their businesses.