Instead of being a nurse, study IT; here’s why

While Zimbabwe has continued to work towards gender equality in all fields, one of the most curious stats continues to show that the highest searched-for job description in the nation for women remains nursing and midwives.

In fact, 2022 data collected from Data Worldbank concludes that women dominate the nursing field at 87.7% vs 12.3% of men. The inverse is true for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields, where only 19% of applicants enrolled in tech courses represent women. Despite a push for more access and equal opportunity, the data still shows a disproportionately low number of women within IT-related fields.

While there may be a host of socio-economic and gender-based barriers at play, the fact remains that a massive gap exists in the market, and IT skills careers may be your opportunity to succeed in today’s get-out-and-go world.

Why having women in tech is important

It’s been said that a diverse team of individuals are far more capable of managing daily tasks, dealing with problem-solving, and innovating new and exciting technologies. Men and women think differently and, therefore, have the wherewithal required to come to a consensus on ideas, thanks to having a broader perspective where little is left to chance.
Because of this, companies with a more diverse collection of individuals also see a larger return on investment. When the bottom line succeeds, the drive to maintain that success and the demand for more women in IT-related fields grows even more. There’s simply no time to lose!

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