Have you upgraded your Exchange 2013 software yet?

At Terrific Tech, we are passionate about keeping you updated with the latest news and software. We understand how vital the productivity of you and your team is. As much as it may be okay to stay with old software, it is not advisable. Support is given for 10 years, thereafter, it becomes risky to stay on the old software.

What may go wrong?

No one to help you if you have technical problems
Security breaches may occur
Bugs will stay bugs and can cause problems
Time zone updates will not be provided

Microsoft will end support for their Exchange Server 2013 after the 11th of April 2023. Exchange Server 2013 was released in October 2012 and has been a popular business choice. However, Exchange Server 2013 has a lifecycle like all software products, and Microsoft has decided to end support for this version.

The end of support for Exchange Server 2013 means that Microsoft will no longer release security updates, bug fixes, or technical support for this version. This could leave the system vulnerable to security threats and other issues, making it critical for users to act.

Users of Exchange Server 2013 have the following options:

Option 1: Upgrade to Exchange Server 2019
Contact a Terrific Tech advisor to guide you on the requirements to seamlessly upgrade your Exchange Server 2013 organization to Exchange Server 2019.

Option 2: Migrate to the Cloud
Move away from on-premises Exchange organization and leverage off the power of the cloud and deploy any of the Microsoft 365 variants that come with online versions of Exchange, aka Exchange Online.

Option 3: Hybrid Exchange 2019
This option combines Options 1 & 2, where your environment will consist of an Exchange Server 2019 and Exchange Online organizations.

Exchange Server 2013 users should upgrade their systems quickly to avoid downtime and loss of productivity. Upgrading to the latest version of Exchange or migrating to the cloud provides the most secure and reliable solution, ensuring users access the latest features and updates.

Planning and executing an upgrade or migration may require careful consideration and expert assistance, and users should consult with qualified professionals to ensure success.

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